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Campaigner's Glossary

Abbreviation Term Description
AA Automobile Association Motorists organisation
AASHTO American Association of State Highway & Transport Body that sets US cycling and road standards
APPCG All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group Group of MPs and Lords to support cycling.
BHIT Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust Body campaigning for mandatory cycle helmet wearing
BHRF Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation Body that reviews current information relating to helmet wearing
BUG Bicycle User Group An employer-based group to promote cycling, especially for work-related journeys
C-PAG Cyclists Parliamentary Action Group Former joint body representing UK cycling organisations in dealings with UK Government. Similar function now performed by UKCA.
CBT Campaign for Better Transport National organisation campaiging for sustainable transport
CCN Cycle Campaign Network Former operational name of cyclenation
CN Cyclenation The Federation of Cycle Campaign Groups in the UK
CfIT Committee for Integrated Transport Former Body appointed by Government to oversee transport policy
CPRE Council for the Protection of Rural England Has sustainable transport remit.
CTC CTC National Cycling Charity. 
DETR Department of Environment, Transport & Regions Superseded by DfT for transport role
DfT Department for Transport Name since 2002
DoT Department of Transport Now DfT
DTI Department of Trade and Industry  
DTLR Department of Transport, Local Government & Regions Superseded by DfT for transport
DTp Department of Transport Now DfT
EC European Commission Executive body of the European Union
ECF European Cyclists Federation Federation of European cycling groups. Cyclenation is a member.
EDM Early Day Motion Petition originated and signed by MPs to indicate support for a particular topic
EN Engaging Networks Software used by large pro-cycling groups (and others) to run campaigns,
ETA Environmental Transport Association Sustainable competitor to AA and RAC. Offers Cycle Insurance and Breakdown Cover. 
EU European Union The European Union is a politico-economic union of 28 member states that are primarily located in Europe. 
GLA Greater London Authority Regional government for London, headed by the Mayor
HA Highways Agency Government agency responsible for trunk roads
LTP Local Transport Plan Plan submitted by local authorities to obtain central Government funding
NCF National Cycling Forum Former body overseeing progress on the National Cycling Strategy. Became Cycling England which was abolished in 2010. 
NCS National Cycling Strategy Strategy launched in 1996 to boost cycling use in UK. This was cancelled when the National Cycling Forum was ablolished
PACTS Parliamentary Advisory Committee on Transport Safety Oversees road safety issues
RAC Royal Automobile Club Motorists organisation
RoSPA Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents National safety body
SACTRA Standing Advisory Committee on Transport Body to advise on transport policy (no longer extant)
SSI Slower Speeds Initiative Body campaigning for lower traffic speeds
Stats19 Statistics (1900-1999) Form filled in by police after traffic crashes involving injury. Used as basis for casualty statistics.Should have been renamed Stats 20 for the 21st Century but never was it seems
Sustrans "Sustainable Transport" National Charity promoting walking and cycling. 
S4C Space 4 Cycling National campaign running in 2013-5 to lobby for greater political support for cycling. .
TfL Transport for London Part of Greater London Authority responsible for the capital's transport
TRL Transport Research Laboratory Principal transport research body, based in Crowthorne
UKCA UK Cycling Alliance Liaison body for main UK cycling groups. Cyclenation is a member.
WHO World Health Authority Under the auspices of the United Nations