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Protected Space for Cycling

  1. When cycling people should be able to access all key destinations, in conditions which are safe and comfortable enough for everyday cycling.
  2. When cycling in built up areas, people should not be expected to share space with motor vehicles moving above 20mph.
  3. When cycling, people should only be expected to share space with motor traffic where volumes are low. On key routes this should not exceed the Dutch maximum for main cycle routes, 2,000 Passenger Car Units per day.
  4. Where current motor traffic speeds or volumes are too high we expect improvements to either:
         (i) ensure that motor traffic volumes and speeds are at levels acceptable for sharing;
    or (ii) provide high quality protected cycle infrastructure.
  5. Provision for cycling should be universal, and of a high quality, suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

This policy shall be adhered to by those officially representing the federation externally;

The adoption of this policy does not bind any individual member of the federation to adhere to this policy in their own work;

The Board shall produce a guide on applying clauses 1-6 in practice for federation members to use as needed, drawing together guidance on Space for Cycling policy that has already been created by member groups and affiliates to the Association.

Member groups are encouraged to propose further motions for consideration by the federation.