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Welcome to Cyclenation

Cyclenation is a federation of local campaign groups and we’re here to help local groups campaign and to represent them at the national and international level.

We believe that each different situation deserves a well designed, cycle-friendly solution and that cycling is an ordinary everyday activity that does not require special equipment other than a bike.

The more voices there are locally talking about cycling issues and trying to improve the environment in which everyone rides the better is for everyone.

Why join cyclenation?

  • Cyclenation gives everyday cyclists a voice to talk to other cycling organisations.
  • Cyclenation shares ownership of Bike Week, along with CTC, Sustrans and the cycle industry
  • We work with local groups to organise and run the CN/CTC annual conference
  • Our topic seminars provide vital evidence and arguments for campaigners
  • We help to fund a parliamentary worker.
  • Cyclenation provides secretarial support for the UK Cycling Alliance.
  • Our web site is a useful resource for campaign groups