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Get Involved

There are many different ways that people can get involved with the work that cycle campaigners do:

Join a local group

There are lots of groups around that are already working hard for people that want to cycle around their local areas

Start a local group

If there isn’t a group near you, then why not think about getting together with other people that you know and starting one? Why not speak to your local CTC group members, CTC right to ride people locally, local sports cycling clubs, or Sustrans rangers and see if anyone else wants to be involved. The more people that are making local politicians aware of the needs of people on bikes the better.

Join Cyclenation

Once you are up and running or have joined a local group then you can join Cyclenation (if your local group isn’t affiliated already we’re happy to come and talk about the work we do and the benefits of being a member of a national group)


For your local group or, as a member of a local member group, you can get involved in the national picture and help out with the work that Cyclenation does.