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Support Space for Cycling

Our key campaign for 2014

The national campaign went live on April 14th 2014. Please visit and ask your councillors to join the campaign. 

Space for Cycling is a joint call to action launched by independent local and regional campaigns across the UK following a very successful launch by London Cycle Campaign in 2013. We want action by our political leaders to make cycling a  safer and more attractive option for everyone, everywhere.

We believe that:

1. The UK’s elected representatives – both national and local – have the principal role to play in creating the right conditions to enable all those who wish to cycle to do so safely and enjoyably.

2. Provision for cycling should be universal, providing a safe, convenient and enjoyable transport choice for people of all ages and abilities, for all their everyday journeys.

3. Unlocking cycling’s potential to be the primary, routine local transport choice will bring great improvements to everyone’s quality of life – not just the people who start cycling - and will help address many of the serious environmental, public health and local economic development challenges that the UK faces.

United by these core beliefs we are working together to win mass, popular support for the range of solutions that are needed. We welcome all of those who share our vision to join us. 

What’s happening?

Space for Cycling has a Steering Group formed by the major national organisations and core city campaigning groups who have already made a start on their campaigns for elections in May 2014. The group currently consists of representatives from Birmingham Pushbikes. CTC, Cyclenation, CycleSheffield Leeds Cycle Campaign, London Cycling Campaign, Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign and Newcastle Cycling Campaign.

These groups are in the process of agreeing their local priorities for the elections. They will be asking their political parties and candidates in their area to support these key principles. The general public can then factor in these commitments when it comes to voting. Following the elections we will be holding successful candidates to account, expecting them to honour these commitments and monitoring their progress.

To back this up we need the Space For Cycling slogan to become firmly embedded in the public imagination. Watch out for the slogan and #space4cycling on social, local and national media, attached to bikes, on car stickers and wherever cycling is the solution to a transport problem.

National elections are taking place in 2015 and in the run-up to this we will be calling on more and more local campaigns to join the Space For Cycling call. New campaigns may spring up through the Space For Cycling vision. We will make the cycling voice louder and the message irresistible.

What can you do?

Go to the Official Space4Cycling website and register to show your support. Please note this is the only official national website for the campaign.

Follow @space4cycling on Twitter and use the hashtag #space4cycling

Join your local cycle campaign group to show your support  - help if you can. If there isn’t one in your area, why not start one up? We are available to help.

Links to local Space for Cycling Campaigns 





Greater Manchester


Has your group got a space4cycling campaign going? If so let us know. 

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