Motions and information for Cyclenation EGM 22/11/2014

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Formal notice of EGM motions and member status with contact information (at 31/10/2014)

Please find below a document containing the five motions to be voted on at the Cyclenation EGM on 22/11/2014, along with the two documents referred to in motion 4 and a list of current Cyclenation members with details of their current status and contacts.

Members of the Association will be asked to debate and vote on these motions at the EGM. Amendments may be proposed on the day and taken at the discretion of the Chair. The Board encourages anyone considering proposing amendments to bring them to the Board’s attention as soon as possible (and/or publish them on the Forum) so that discussion on them can start ahead of the EGM. In this way we can seek to achieve consensus ahead of formal voting on the day, saving time at the EGM.

The list of current Members of the Association shows each group’s status and the initials of the named contacts at 31/10/2014. If you believe the details for your Main Contact, Treasurer or Voting Rep need amending then please email to arrange for your group’s contact information to be updated. Groups listed as ‘OK’ will be able to vote at the EGM. If your group’s status is listed as ‘pending’ then please ensure any fees due before the EGM are paid in good time.

The Cyclenation Board urges all Members of the Association to consider sponsoring a campaigner to attend the EGM and conference - please email if you're a member of a small group that's struggling to pay for someone to attend.

The Cyclenation EGM precedes the annual Cyclenation-CTC Conference.

All files can be viewed online or downloaded as PDFs:
CTC memo:
Cyclenation notes:
List of Cyclenation members with EGM status and contacts' initials:

Update: Report from EGM and conference, with adopted amended motions and conference presentations is now available here.