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Communication Channels

We recognise that we need to keep in touch with our members in the way in which they prefer to be contacted, so we try to keep as many communication channels open as we can. Here are our main ways of communicating:

Bulk E-mail

We keep a list of nominated contacts from each group and if an issue comes up that is of both national and local importance we will e-mail you about it. We then expect the local contact to keep members of your local group informed. Note that we only use this facility with circumspection – we won’t spam you!


If you like talking about cycling as much as you enjoy doing it you can join the Cyclenation Forum. We have a lively national forum and you can join in by signing up at!forum/cyclenation-forum You can talk to activists from across the UK including experts on a number of cycling issues.


Check out the Cyclenation blog at Here we comment on what's currently happening in the world of cycling. Visit the blogspot, see what’s being said, once you’ve read our posts, we’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.


We keep an up-to-date calendar of Cyclenation events and happenings - meetings, conferences, seminars, group visits......There’s an interactive calendar on the wiki where groups can add their own events and meetings so other groups can see what you’re up to and perhaps come along and support neighbouring groups.

Saying your bit.....

Keep up to date and involved with any current national surveys or petitions as well as research projects and consultations  Let us know of any others that we’ve missed and we’ll add them in for the other groups to get involved in too


Each of the member groups contributes local activities and articles to the Cyclenation newsletter. These contributions are put together into the newsletter and this is circulated by email to each member group. It is essentially a way for the member groups to tell each other what they have been up to. So it is really important that each of the groups send us a little something interesting to go in, its only as good as the members contributions.

Facebook Page:

Facebook Group:

Cyclenation is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee that is run wholly by volunteers.