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About Cyclenation

Cyclenation is a federation of local cycle campaign groups and we’re here to help local groups campaign and to represent them at the national and international level.

The diagram below will help everyone to see the connections between those different levels and organisations.

Cycle campaigning explained

"knowing that I am part of a global network of people who think like I do about sustainable transport has kept me going over the past 20 years." - a campaigner.

We seek to represent the people that want to use bikes to get around and go about their everyday business and believe that each different situation deserves a well designed,  cycle-friendly solution and that cycling is an ordinary everyday activity that does not require special equipment other than a bike

Representing our member groups in the national and international arenas, we actively work to be included in major discourses at these levels, making sure that the issues raised by our member groups are understood and taken into consideration.

To ensure we are representing their views, we engage with our members through group visits, forums, social media and conferences. As much as possible, we work to expand the network of campaign groups by encouraging and supporting the formation of new groups and are seeking funding for a paid worker to expand and support the network.

If you are a member of a group and wish to join us or if you are interested in setting up a campaign group we can help you to get involved.

We would be glad to come and visit your group or speak to a potential new groups so please do contact us if you want us to help you in anyway or if you have an issue that you would like advice on.

Cyclenation group members are always welcome to attend our meetings. 

There is a wealth of experience and best practice guidance that can be gained from the other member groups and you can contact them through the members pages or by posting on Facebook or through the Cyclenation forum

You can read our constitution here.

You can access our meeting minutes here.